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Looking into Their Faces – 14 Typical Facial Expressions of Skydivers
July 25, 2016 / Skydiving /

Skydiving clearly is a mosaic of emotions. You are excited. Anxious. Adrenaline is rushing through your body. Its time to reflect and prepare for the worst. You fear for your life while at the same time you have the most incredible moment of your life.  There is just so much happening inside of a skydiver that […]

7 Great Yoga Poses for Stand Up Paddling
July 23, 2016 / Stand Up Paddling, Travel Photography, Yoga /

1. Trust, Focus & Strength by @kitewestwatersports 2. Presence, Agility & Energy by @stacey_yoga 3. Endurance, Alignment, Inner Peace by @keysten 4. Positivity, Connectedness, Harmony by @kayakdemar 5. Flexibility, Attention, Authenticity by @saltsiren 6. Playfulness, Laughter, Empathy by @limitlesssupyoga 7. Mindfulness, Perception, Calmness by @caribesup

9 of the World’s Most Amazing Kayaking Spots
July 22, 2016 / Kayaking, Travel Photography /

1. Gold Coast, Australia by @kayakthegoldcoast 2. Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park by @radcompany 3. Lake Snowden, Ohio by @blindfaith_traveler 4. Wailua River, Kauai Hawaii by @kata_rinaa 5. Maldives Beach by 6. Schliersee, Germany by @laurabostonthek 7. El Playazo de Rodalquilar, Spain by @daniel.pos 8. Lowell Point Beach, Alaska by @canordmann 9. Weeki Wachee […]

Photo Series: What Life on a Boat is Really Like
July 21, 2016 / Sailing /

Waking up in the morning to the most beautiful scenery by @emdewaard 2. Starting the day with a Yoga session while feeling the wind brushing through your hair by @sophiayogi 3. After the sports: relaxation. It clearly looks a bit different while on the sea! By @instantlyjules 4. After a good rest, it’s time to explore […]

6 of the Most Amazing Underwater Photographs on the Internet
July 21, 2016 / Scuba Diving /

Picture 1: Epic Whale Shark Encounter by @rodrigofriscione Picture 2: Scubadiver on the Bottom of the Sea by @bluuespace Picture 3: Freediver on the Way Back Up by @pretaplonger Picture 4: Epic-Looking Brown Fur Seal by @andrepattenden Picture 5: Amazing close-up of a Crab by @instapicsam Picture 6: Observing the life of the Sea Turtles by @brentdurand […]

9 Great Instagram Travel Accounts to Follow
July 7, 2016 / Travel Photography / Leave a comment

So you’re a fan of Instagram? I can totally understand that! Instagram is simply a great tool for travel enthusiasts to share their travel photography and the stories that are behind these images with other travel enthusiasts. It is really not hard to find great content on Instagram as there is such an enormous amount of travelers. […]

The Ultimate List of Tips for Solo Travel
June 28, 2016 / Dream Vacations, Solo Travel, Travel Planning / Leave a comment

Choosing solo travel certainly has  its advantages and disadvantages. Human beings are social animals – they need the comfort of the group. We love to share our experiences with other people. And yet, travelling in a group can also be a problem. After all, we all have our own unique imagination of what a dream vacation […]

Travel Gifts: Finding the Right Gift for the Right Person
June 27, 2016 / Dream Vacations, Gold Coast Attractions / Leave a comment

So you have decided that a travel gift is the best way to make your loved one or your friend happy? Excellent decision! Now its time to decide what sort of trip he or she would love. And this is where the hard part begins. Everybody has a completely different imagination of what the perfect holiday […]

15 Questions to Plan Your Dream Vacations
June 27, 2016 / Dream Vacations / Leave a comment

1- What did you always want to see in your life? 2- Are you keen on an adventure, looking for relaxation or interested in culture? 3- What was the favorite holiday you ever had and what made it so special? 4- Are you looking for beaches, mountains, snow, rain forest, culture or historical attractions? 5- Who […]

Simple Tips for Managing Your Travel Budget
June 27, 2016 / Travel Budget, Travel Planning / Leave a comment

Start early to plan your trips As much fun as a spontaneous trip can be, spontaneity also has its price when it comes to travel. When we decide to just go with the flow, then we are also more prone to impulse buying behaviour. By starting to make your travel plans early and arriving in the […]

Travel Tips for the Gold Coast, Australia
June 24, 2016 / Gold Coast Attractions, Travel Tips / Leave a comment

Why the Gold Coast? First of all: the Gold Coast is probably much bigger and much more diverse than you would’ve ever imagined. The beach stretches along the coast for about 70 kilometers all along with a stunning view on the blue ocean. You will find everything from a vibrant city with skyscrapers towering above the beach […]

6 Dos and Don’ts of Planning Low Cost Holidays
June 20, 2016 / Low Cost Holidays / Leave a comment

1. Do your research when comparing prices Sometimes you may find that different retailers sell the same services at very different prices. Even if you compare prices for each service provider, be very careful. Ask yourself what services are included in that price compared to the original price, for how many people this price is […]